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What Does The New Definition Of Autism Mean

What Does the New Definition of Autism Mean?

The new Autism definition means that Asperger’s Syndrome, Autism and other Pervasive Developmental
Disorders are no longer considered separate diagnoses, but rather one diagnosis of the Autism Spectrum
Disorder that can range from high-functioning to profoundly disabling.

Some critics compared this to putting all cancers together rather than diagnosing and treating each cancer
for its own unique characteristics. The diagnosis that allowed for Autistic individuals to obtain therapy
and services catered to their specific needs will soon change.

New Definition For Autism May Affect Children on the Spectrum

The new definition is more narrow and requires children to show 3 deficits in social interaction and
communication along with 2 repetitive behaviors. It also describes levels of severity, which was not
a previous criteria.

The risk is that some children may not obtain the diagnosis they need nor receive early-intervention therapy
and treatment, which translates to public school system support.

The new Autism diagnosis is a looming threat for many children who will be “omitted” from their previous
diagnosis and subsequently “left behind”.

My vote is that current diagnoses remain unchanged, or at least services provided remain unchanged or
“grandfathered” in, and if the new definition must be implemented then it should be for future cases only.

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