Mainstream Fashion for Autism Advocacy

Welcome to Perel Clothing

Mainstream Fashion for Autism Advocacy.

Thank you for stopping by, and a special thanks to everyone who has helped Perel come to fruition — especially
to the individuals in the Autism Community that have so generously given their feedback in the past two years.

This is an Information Hub to illuminate Autism & Asperger Syndrome and how it affects our daily lives.

Visit our News Page for real-time breaking stories that cover all kinds of topics, ranging from diagnosis &
treatment, to medical research & government funding, to the Autism perspective.

Our Video Page hosts videos from around the net with valuable information, along with unexpected clips that
will inspire your thoughts and imagination.

The Resources Page suggests Recommended Books & Movies for your enjoyment.

Our Webmaster was so inspired by Perel’s quest that he created this video to celebrate a new approach to the
outward expression of Autism.  It is his gift to us and our gift to you:

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Please share your comments below.  Your feedback and ideas are the heart of Perel Clothing.

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