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Surfers Healing Autistic Children

You’ve Got to See it to Believe it: Surfers Healing Autistic Children

The idea of putting an Autistic child on a surfboard and catching waves sounds like what dreams are made of.

But that is exactly what Surfers Healing does; it leverages the skills of a pool of expert surfers who act as
the “drivers” to surf with Autistic children as “passengers” in all-day beach surf camps. This is brilliant.

Surfers Healing 13th Annual Pat Notaro Day Video

Izzy Paskowitz, the founder of Surfers Healing is from the infamous Paskowitz surfing family and has been
blessed with a wonderful Autistic son, Isaiah. In fact, his surfing adventures with Isaiah are what inspired
Surfers Healing.

Izzy has a beautiful and an infectious personality and smile. He is refreshingly candid about what it is like to
have a child with Autism: “The dream of a perfect life is anything but that when you’re handed a child with autism.”

He has admitted to “going through phases of denial, guilt and self-destruction…” however believes that
“family is the most important thing in the world.”

Izzy is my new hero.

You can also see the Surfers Healing video here: (

Read more about Israel “Izzy” Paskowitz in this StarNews Online Article:
“Surfer dedicates his life to Healing” (

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