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Autism Queensland Steps it Up to Raise Autism Awareness

I was browsing the internet researching current events for Autism Awareness and support and when I clicked
on the Go Blue for Autism 2013 Gangnam Style dance video.

Yes, I thought it was fun and awesome, but when my autistic son Jake promptly declared “I LOVE that song!”
from the across the room, where I thought he was ignoring me in his parallel-play video game bliss, I was
sold. I had to share my thoughts, and the video.

This idea is brilliant. Kids love to socialize and they love music and what kid wouldn’t love a larger than
life human covered head to toe in a blue stocking? The kids in this video sure did and quite frankly, they
are darn good dancers!

Go Blue for Autism 2013 Launch – Gangnam Style Video

Jake and I ended up jumping up out of our chairs and dancing along. He laughed and wanted to play the video
over and over. It’s a catchy tune and good fun. I hope you enjoy the video and for sure that it gives you a smile.

After all, smiles are contagious.

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