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Missing Puzzle

The Missing Puzzle Piece Represents and Understanding of Why, and Ultimately a Cure

If you ask any of us what the Autism Puzzle means, you will get as many answers as

people you ask. Some believe Autism is a puzzle that has not been solved. That we
don’t understand Autism, what causes it, and how to comprehensively treat it.

Others believe the puzzle is the missing piece. That piece that tells us what causes
autism. The piece that tells us what makes our Autistic loved one tick. What will
unlock the doorway to their minds so that they can live full independent lives?

The Brain of an Autistic Child + Temple Grandin

The next question with as many answers as recipients is whether autism should be cured.
There are people “fighting” Autism and striving to “cure” Autism. This is a surprisingly
controversial subject-matter. There are Autistic individuals that have stated that
“If asked 1,000 times if I wanted to be cured, 1,000 times I would say no. I like
myself just the way I am…” and others who have stated “I don’t feel as if there is
something wrong with me, I feel that there is something wrong with people trying to
fix me.”

On the other hand, there are Autistic individuals who struggle and wish that they were
not Autistic. But even these individuals often relate it back to “because of how other
people treat (them)…”

It seems to me that the “cure” is Autism Awareness. It is how neuro-typicals
(non-autistic people) perceive those on the Spectrum. The cure is in how all of us
treat those around us, especially those with special needs.

If we could focus on acclimating and integrating and socializing and teaching Autistic
individuals how to thrive more easily when placed in a social environment, along with
teaching neuro-typicals the SAME things, then many of the biggest problems for Autistic
individuals would be much smaller.

I’m in, are you?

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