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Mainstream Media Takes on Candid Autism Discussion

The Center for Disease Control announced last year that Autism affects 1 in 88 children born (a recent
government study has increased that number to 1 in 50). Fox News & CNN featured two specialists
regarding what is now considered a “disease in epidemic proportions.”

I personally don’t like the words “disease” and “disorder”, and much prefer “differences”, but you know what,
to heck with being “Politically Correct” let’s just rejoice in the huge increase in Autism Awareness across
the mediums.

The greater the public’s Autism Awareness, the better the quality of life will be for everybody.

CNN: Autism Up 78% in a Decade – Fox: 1 in 88 U.S. Kids Have Autism

I for one enjoyed this YouTube video because I think it is important for people to take a stand, even if not
always accurate, to provoke thought and action and to motivate people to seek knowledge.

These gentlemen really put themselves out there, making such bold statements as “… We are poisoning our
pregnant women…” and “… The government should provide tax incentives for parents to hire tutors…”.
They even went as far as to claim that “… Autistic children are not a priority and big government is not
taking care of them…” and that “… Autism can be cured…”.

These are fightin’ words. I’m up for the fight, are you?

You can also visit YouTube to see the full video here: (

This Autism Speaks Article is entitled “National Survey Pegs Autism Prevalence at
1 in 50 School-age Children” (

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