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How Do You Tell Your Child That He or She Has Autism?

How Do You Tell Your Child He or She has Autism?

The truth is that knowledge is power and the best thing to do is arm your child with knowledge about Autism.
Their reaction and perspective to finding out that they have Autism is largely related to how you as a parent
present the information to them. The general consensus is that they won’t feel “bad” or “out of place”
unless you plant those seeds of doubt for them.

Telling Children They Have Autism or Aspergers Syndrome

This video offers Tips for Telling Your Child He or She has Autism. It is simple but effective, and like my son’s
bouncy blue exercise ball, sometimes it’s nice to revisit or engage with something just to keep us grounded.

As a parent, I have struggled with explaining Autism to my teenage son, Jake. He wants to know why he is
Autistic. He wants to know how come he’s the one and why not his sister too. He says he doesn’t like being Autistic.
Whenever my son approaches me with these conversations, I am forever grateful for the information available
online for coping with such bittersweet inquiries.

I can tell you this wholeheartedly: 99.99% of Jake’s questioning is because of how other people treat him.
That’s on us as a society. It is our job to understand and accept other people’s differences. Steven Tyler
of the group Arrowsmith once said “My daddy always told me that if we’re all singing the same tune there is
no harmony in the world. We need to accept each other’s differences and harmonize together.” Well said.

Let’s keep working on Autism Advocacy and education to make the world a better place, for us and for our
Autistic loved ones!

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