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Famous People With Autism

Famous People With Autism

We’ve all heard about famous Autistic people such as Einstein and Bill Gates, but did you know that the
creator of Pokemon was Autistic? How about Michael Jackson? Indeed, there are countless people on the
Spectrum that have accomplished truly amazing things that have affected and will remain with our society
forever (Charles Darwin and Thomas Edison come to mind…).

I try to let my son know that he can do great things too; it just takes hard work and dedication.
And that will develop into being his gift. I tell him that he is pre-wiredto be able to become highly
interested in something and study it to the ends of the earth. He has done this with car makes, airplane
companies, planets and now his beloved video games. I mean this kid can study! I explained to him that
he just needs to parlay his interests into something he loves, such as 3D animation, and then devote his
time to his craft. This way he can get a job doing something he likes when he grows up.

A look into Autism: Famous people with Autism

What’s interesting about celebrities with Autism is that you usually only see them in character, so they
are experts at masking Autism. But when you take a look at the slide-show below and you see which
celebrities are on the Spectrum, you can’t help thinking “That totally makes sense…”

This video above was put together by an Autistic boy and I found it fascinating to read and watch what he felt
was important for neuro-typicals to know about Autism. I’m not sure if he had help, but boy did he set the
viewer up for a big “wow” toward the end.

I think he’s going to be famous.

Here is another great video about famous Autistic people on YouTube: (

Slide-show; “12 Famous People With Autism”… Andy Warhol, Darryl Hannah, Dan Akroyd…
so inspiring!: (

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