Corporate Information

About Perel Clothing

Perel designs clothing with a surf/skate vibe for anybody whose life has been touched by the Autism Spectrum.

The Company intends to raise advocacy through fine art imagery and to help guide Autism & Asperger Syndrome into a more stimulating future.

Perel’s Founders believe that the kind of minds that are on the Spectrum can change the way we see the world – for the better.

Autism – A neurological difference in perception and social interaction.

1 in 50.

Why We Started This Company

With family members on the Autism Spectrum, Perel’s Founders have worked for several years with charities to help raise advocacy and funding for treatment.

Most of the available Autism-themed clothing tends to be “clinical” or perhaps apologetic (E.g. “Be Patient With Me I have Autism”).  As such, there is a definite need for fashionable, “hip” attire that anybody can wear in solidarity for the cause.

What Sets Us Apart

Perel is one of the first Autism Advocacy Clothing company with target the Autism Community as a specific fashion demographic.

The fine-art tees have a soft-touch print to accommodate the texture sensitivity that many on the Spectrum experience.

The Company views the Autism Community as a unique Target Market yet offers clothing that everybody can wear, whether they or a loved one has Autism, or they just like the awesome designs!