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The Perel Perspective

Mainstream Fashion for Autism Advocacy

Fine Art Designs That Anybody Can Wear in Solidarity for the Cause

50% of Profits go to Charity

Perel Clothing for Autism Advocacy

Created, Designed, & Produced by the Autism Community

Perel began in 2011 as a fine-art fashion idea created by Chase Kelly, a designer whose autistic brother inspired him to seek out this wealth of extraordinary minds and tap into their artistic talents. After extensive input from the autism community, Perel is a brand that this demographic can finally call their own.

Chase’s belief that the autism community has a definitive need for acceptance and inclusion came from the everyday journey on the autism spectrum that his brother Jake endures. Along with the triumphs and struggles came the questions. What is Jake’s purpose in life? How would he obtain an education? What kind of job could he have that would be fulfilling? How would he survive socially? Where is he going and how will he get there…

Perel is a catalyst to provide answers. The company donates 50% of its profits to select charities in order to provide much-needed help with such things as educational equipment, therapies, technology, safety equipment and service animals. Perel intends to offer sponsorships, scholarships and in particular vocational training and job opportunities that autistic individuals can implement for the rest of their lives.

Most importantly Perel seeks to create a platform for connectivity; a social media and information hub that provides support and a place of understanding.

Perel currently offers cutting-edge fashion tees that anybody can wear in solidarity for the cause. The designs are beautiful, unique, and transcend anything available in the current marketplace.

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