Mainstream Fashion for Autism Advocacy


Frequently Asked Questions

Perel saw a need for expression and acceptance within the Autism Community, so we decided to create a company that would address these issues, beginning with cool clothing that promotes Autism and Asperger’s Advocacy.

The Company Founder, Chase Kelly, is an artist, and he has been compiling artwork and poetry since age eight. His little brother Jake is autistic, and Chase wanted Jake to have hip, fine-art t-shirts that would also promote Autism Advocacy, so he decided to embark upon the Perel journey.

Perel spent several years developing relationships and obtaining feedback from individuals on the Autism and Asperger’s Spectrum. We are confident that we are fairly representing an active, intelligent group of motivated and involved people who care about the future of their ever-growing and widely-developing demographic.

Along with pledging a percentage of profits to Autism Charities, Perel will donate t-shirts to schools and camps and organizations for children and adults on the Autism Spectrum, and to their caretakers. The Company Founders also intend to continue their volunteer work for autism charities.

The Company will further support individuals on the Autism Spectrum by offering educational, vocational, competition, and sports sponsorships, ranging in anything from Junior College to Pro Surfing to Competitive Chess to Doctorate Degrees.