Mainstream Fashion for Autism Advocacy

About Us

Perel Clothing

Perel Designs Mainstream Fashion for Autism Advocacy.

1 in 68 children are born with Autism — the fastest-growing development disability worldwide.

The Perel Founders

Jacqueline Kelly

Founder, COO

As a graduate with honors from the School of Life, Jacqueline Kelly is an outlier, with course studies ranging from living in the Los Angeles County Foster Care System, to becoming a horse whisperer, to obtaining a letter of recommendation from the Honorable Tom Bradley for graduate school, to competing as a pioneering athlete in women’s pole vault.

She has shared her journey through precedent-setting art shows to benefit battered women & children’s shelters, as a guest speaker at juvenile halls and group homes, and as a volunteer for children’s shelters and Autism charities.

Jacqueline takes heed to the philosophy that we must “pay it forward” and believes that she is doing just that by creating autism jobs and resources through Perel Clothing and affiliate charities.

Chase Kelly

Founder, Lead Designer

An artist through-and-through, Chase conceived Perel Clothing through pure instinct.

Having worked extensively as a Surf & Swim Instructor with Autistic and Learning Disabled Children, and also having an autistic brother, aunt and cousin, Chase is intrinsically aware of an unfulfilled need for dignity and recognition for individuals on the Autism and Asperger’s Spectrum.

He believes that through high-profile representation, he can increase autism acceptance and advocacy.

Chase has always been a leader in the eyes of his contemporaries, but he is a caretaker in his heart.